Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year wish2012

i wish a happy and peaceful new year2012 to all of you.this year will show this world the power of SATYAGRAH,the power of LOK TANTRA,and the power of common man.not like other nation who take out the blood of human breed,to fulfill there own motive.we are thankful to then mahatma Gandhi and today ANNA HAZARE.they are the master of humanity.salute to the mother land who is giving birth to such a great personality.we all INDIANS living in heaven.only few culprits are defaming our nation. Corruption is the main cause of irregularity's.first remove it from the mind of natives.teach them that it is wrong,then punish them for there ill behavior.i personally request to all the political party s that kindly bring a strong lokpal to improve the corrupt mentality of Indian officials.
your uday bhan kanpuriya